Joint Venture Partners

We recognize that one of the keys to our success in helping America's Veterans acquire a job, a career as an agri-business owner or a home is to establish strong connections with prominent business professionals, civic and government officials and not-for-profit leaders.

Our joint venture partners, strategic alliance partners, and corporate and educational collaborators contribute resources that allow ACTS Freedom Farms of America to continually advance our mission of providing veterans with maximum opportunities for a healthy and successful life. These partnerships not only directly benefit Veterans, but also increase awareness and understanding in the community of the sometimes unique needs of returning Veterans and their families.

By building partnerships and mobilizing philanthropic and government resources, we promote support for sustainable food systems, smarter use of natural resources and provide alternatives to conventional practices. In addition, we can recognize and respond proactively to the many complex and interconnected issues faced by the returning military in the area of health and wellness, family life and a sustainable work environment.



ACTS Freedom Farms of America is open-minded when it comes to joint venture possibilities. We are actively seeking to establish joint venture partnerships to create more opportunity to serve the growing Veteran population. A joint venture project may include land acquisition for residential community developments utilizing various and/or extended payment options. Other joint venture partnerships may include the building of turn-key commercial food production facilities, high-value equipment purchases, etc. If you have an interest in joint venture opportunities, please contact us.


We seek to establish strategic relationships with organizations that provide complementary products and services for our programs and projects. An essential component of ACTS Freedom Farms of America strategy, strategic alliances help us—and our alliances—maintain a leading market position in a variety of industry sectors. If you have an interest in strategic alliance opportunities, please contact us.



We seek and encourage Collaborative Partnerships with organizations and individuals who’ve chosen ACTS Freedom Farms of America as a home for their work. Such partnerships provide connectivity with one another and encourage growth through shared resources, insight, and audiences. Cross-pollination of best practices and new ideas serve the needs of each, for the benefit of all. These partnerships provide developing programs and adapt to address the needs of veterans, inspire program participants in new and exciting ways, and bring change-makers into our unique environment to accelerate and deepen the effectiveness of our shared work with the Veteran population. If you have an interest in collaborating on one of the many ACTS Freedom Farms of America programs or projects, please contact us.