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ACTS Freedom Farms of America efforts are placed on Veterans mentoring Veterans to maximize crop production in any master-planned agricultural environment. The unique personal military experience of the Veteran mentors is a crucial component of the mentor's role. All ACTS Freedom Farms of America mentors agree to be transparent with their own journey and the personal adjustments they made transitioning from active military duty to successful Veterans as Agricultural Specialists. This transparency and empathy are imperative to the success of the program because it ensures Veteran Agricultural Specialists and agri-business owners feel comfortable and accepted and allows for free discussion of failures as well as successes. And the Veteran mentor's shared military background allows for a level of authenticity and trust that instantly connects with Veterans in the agricultural environment.

Education & Training

We assist new and beginning Veteran Agricultural Specialists and agri-business owners in acquiring the skills needed to achieve success in commercial growing operations. Although the AG Core leadership team is comprised of knowledgeable and skilled professionals in Controlled Environment Agriculture, the staff also draws on the skills and experience of successful organic farmers, and college and university agricultural instructors who specialize in advanced growing systems, agribusiness technologies, and best practices.

The AG Core leadership team creates schedules to make on-farm learning possible for participants. This is done by utilizing weekend classes and activities, periodic visits throughout the farming season, host specific farm events (e.g. irrigation, harvest, soil management), host intensive weekend workshops, farm tours, off-site farm tours, mentor visits, shadow or work with experienced farmers, internships, and research farm visits. Also, AG Core workshops will be arranged allowing for open discussions, on-line course materials, post-workshop visits, and more. Instruction emphasizes the practical, management and planning skills needed for micro-farm business, production and marketing activities.

On-going and on-farm education will assist Veteran Agricultural Specialists to adopt best practices, perform tasks practiced, and be better prepared to manage their own hydroponic micro-farm greenhouse and organic garden.


will have access to instruction and training on:

  • Organic production methods
  • Weed and pest management
  • Soil building
  • Irrigation systems

  • Facilities and equipment
  • Sustainability
  • Marketing
  • Business management
  • Farm planning
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