About Us

We invite you to take a closer look at the principles that guide our corporate conduct.

A Place for Veterans

We believe that not only do we need to have a place for veterans in our hearts we also need to provide a place where they can thrive in life and in business. During their service to our country veterans developed some amazing skills which can now be put to great use in the agricultural industry. ACTS Freedom Farms of America's agricultural environments offer veterans a uniquely designed and viable opportunity to own a home and develop a career while being surrounded by a supportive community.

Environmental Protection and Enhancement

Veterans bring a wide range of environmental consciousness which we highly respect and need. This makes veterans a natural choice in our quest to develop and support environmentally friendly and effective food production and sustainable farming techniques.

Healthy Lifestyle

We consider a healthy lifestyle as a reasonable expectation for all and a critical component if we are to be successful in life. Farmers in America are aging fast. The most recent agricultural census indicates that the average farmer is 57 years of age, and nearly 30 percent of American farmers are over the age of 65. We have the opportunity now to interest a whole new generation, and within the military veterans a very skilled group of people, in agriculture that blends innovative and scientifically proven growing techniques with a healthy and supportive lifestyle. We provide veterans with a familiar agricultural environment with very affordable housing and a good and sustainable income, we help in that process of transitioning back into civilian life. ACTS Freedom Farms of America agricultural environments can help them find peace and purpose.

Sense of Community

We believe that community can be significantly enriching to us as individuals or as families. Society can benefit from caring and compassionate neighbors. Communities can benefit when people are involved and supportive of one another and share some basic common interests and pursuits. ACTS Freedom Farms of America establishes an environment where a broad spectrum of needs can be met. These include the unique need of military personnel transitioning to civilian life, job and income concerns, business planning, schools and education requirements, recreational, retail and services. Designed to provide wraparound services, ACTS Freedom Farms of America brings together the elements of community needed to help all participants to succeed.

Energy Conservation

We believe that we have a responsibility to conserve our precious resources and not to be careless about the world we live in. The design of an ACTS Freedom Farms of America environment embraces the best scientific advances in growing techniques and can be tailored, when possible, to utilize energy wisely. Energy saving construction features are a prominent characteristic of the homes and other farm and business structures built throughout ACTS Freedom Farms of America projects. Solar and wind power, where appropriate, add to the power source. Farming and growing techniques embrace advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture technologies that not only save energy, but also maximize the use of land while significantly improving quality and productivity.

Aesthetic Design and High-quality Construction

All ACTS Freedom Farms of America projects are meticulously designed to embrace environmental considerations and the practical factors essential for a functioning farming environment. Building designs incorporate innovative and energy efficient building materials while incorporating aesthetic features to create a harmony with the local area. Throughout the entire environment, special consideration is given to the needs of disabled veterans and is fully in compliance with the American with Disability Act. Homes will feature an open space design. Countertops, kitchens, bathrooms and other areas can be created to accommodate the needs of people with various disabilities.

Economic Viability and Sustainability

Our goal, at ACTS Freedom Farms of America is to provide a lifestyle opportunity that is economically viable and sustainable for all involved. Veterans are given all the necessary instruction in the farming and business aspects of the project as well as ongoing professional support to maximize their unit production using advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture technologies.

Our Mission

ACTS Freedom Farms of America seeks to provide a path to home ownership for veterans while providing them an opportunity to make a sustainable living by their participation in a master planned agricultural environment centered around advanced growing strategies and technologies.

Our Goal

Our goal at ACTS Freedom Farms of America is to assure a solid basis for sustainable food production through the optimal use of land and bio-technical resources to produce enough food to satisfy the needs of the local communities in which we serve, but also to contribute to a substantial income opportunity for the veteran as well.

Environment and Us

Integrating environmental concerns into our unique master-planned agricultural environments aims to head off the risks of environmental degradation and enhance the sustainability of our agricultural initiatives and agri-ecosystems. ACTS Freedom Farms of America utilizes advanced farming techniques that protect the environment and natural resources. We also integrate certain agricultural practices and land use strategies to minimize adverse impact on natural resources such as: pollution of soil, water and air, fragmentation of habitats, and loss of wildlife.

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