To create a pool of qualified and knowledgeable workers for the commercial growing operations, and in addition to the company’s “direct hire” strategies, a paid internship program contributes to the overall development of a diverse and skilled workforce by preparing participants to meet the various levels of qualifications for employment into our Controlled Environment Agriculture operations.

Through a variety of unique mentoring, educational and training designs and approaches, ACTS Freedom Farms of America Intern Program is adapted to meet the needs of differing populations being trained, and specific opportunities within the local labor market. Qualified interns may then be invited or will be free to apply for permanent employment within the many opportunities available in our master-planned agricultural environments.

The Internship Program provides training to individuals in a hands-on simulated lab experience, classroom setting or through "real world" work opportunities to accurately prepare participants for full involvement in the industry and occupational conditions of the master-planned agricultural environment operations. The Internship Program is designed to provide the proper supervision and safety protocols; and will facilitate direct entry into crop production operations and/or include opportunities for advancement and placement matching skills and competencies already acquired with operational needs.


is a great way for participants to:

  • Explore and learn about exciting careers in high-tech agriculture.

  • Qualify to meet the acceptable standards for selection into ACTS Freedom Farms of America work opportunities
  • Benefit from classroom and hands-on workplace training
  • Get a start on career-specific training with viable career pathway opportunities
  • Build literacy, math, English, and work-readiness skills
  • Advance into ACTS Freedom Farms of America specialized work opportunities


Internship Applications are now being accepted.

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