The ACTS Freedom Farm program is built around the principles of family, community, environment, education, health, and economics and is designed to assist military families.  By creating master-planned micro-farm communities, opportunities are provided for veterans to find and secure affordable cost-effective, low maintenance, energy-efficient "green" homes, while at the same time providing long-term, meaningful and sustainable work in the agricultural field.  

The ACTS FFA program incorporates state-of-the-art high-density Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), specifically vertical hydroponic agriculture techniques and organic high-yield gardening practices. Technologically advanced, pre-engineered panelized building systems for sustainable housing is used to create new standards for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle for America's veterans.   MORE>>

Honoring Veterans is only part of our story... watch the video!

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Our Program  

ACTS Freedom Farms Veteran Opportunity

We provide a path to home ownership for veterans while providing them an opportunity to make a sustainable living by their participation in a master planned agricultural community centered around micro-farming and hydroponic growing strategies and technologies.    MORE>>

Home Ownership  We help veterans realize their goal of becoming a home owner. Veterans and their families enjoy pride of homeownership as they reside in a unique new type of Community.    MORE>>

Joint Venture - Strategic Alliance If you are interested in joining a project that is in the formative stage, or have your own project idea...we are actively seeking financial and collaborative partners for current and future ACTS FFA projects.    MORE>>