ACTS has assembled a stellar team made up of people with intelligence, great heart, creative skills and most of all experience in hydroponics, technology, manufacturing, construction and veteran services.


R. Michael Buehler

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Management Team is led by Chief Executive Officer R. Michael Buehler who founded ACTS, incorporating the cause marketing concepts more than...

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Chuck Vollmer

Business Development and Government Liaison

Chuck is the author and founder of Jobenomics that deals with the economics of business and job creation. He leads a national grassroots...

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Sue Ann Ma


Sue Ann has been in public accounting for nearly three decades. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in banking, accounting...

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Buddy Siebenlist

Architect, Real Estate Development and Construction Expert

Buddy brings to ACTS FFA 25+ years of professional success in architecture, engineering, administration, construction, and real estate...

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Bill O'Connor

Agricultural Operations and Technology

Bill has extensive experience in the Venture Capital and Private Equity arena. He brings years of exposure to and understanding of start-up...

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Professional Advisors

Melody Buehler

Branded Content Management

Melody is a uniquely skilled executive and marketing professional who understands the importance of content as a critical tool in the execution of...

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Robert Flegal

Manufacturing Expert

Having worked his way through the ranks, Robert brings a rich background in manufacturing and operations in multiple industries. He has...

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Desmond Colleran

Senior Corporate Advisor

Desmond has a long history with ACTS and has been a part of the planning and development of ACTS Freedom Farms from the beginning...

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Michael Vernor

Architectural Design and Structural Engineering

Michael is a graduate of Texas A&M University, with an educational background in Construction Science, Architectural Design, and...

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Advisory Board Members

John Rosati

Advisory Board Chairman, Advanced Technology Professional, Faust-Rosati Associates, LLC

John brings an enviable resume of senior level management experience and abilities in creating, launching and managing enormous...

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Chuck Vollmer

Advisory Board Vice-Chairman, Jobenomics Founder and President

Chuck is the author and founder of Jobenomics that deals with the economics of business and job creation. He leads a national grassroots...

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Charles Kim

Founder and CEO of Webpublished.com

Charles Kim is the CEO and Founder of Webpublished.com, a company providing digital publishing infrastructures to various corporations...

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Tony Erwin

Principle Systems Engineer

As a highly respected and successful Service Provider Principal Systems Engineer for Silicon Valley-based Brocade Communications, Tony Erwin...

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Dr. T.R. Shantha


Dr. T.R. Shantha brings a profound scientific credibility and international reputation to immediately benefit ACTS Freedom Farms through...

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Matthew Hively

CEO Radix AgroSystems, Inc.

Matthew brings an in-depth scientific understanding and practical experience in matters of agriculture. He is a project manager, a hydroponic...

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Theodore Sprink

Managing Director, Integrated Growth Strategies

Ted brings to ACTS Freedom Farms years of experience as a Business Strategist and Marketing Professional. He believes that our nation...

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Cliff Lightfoot

Corporate Finance and Investment Professional

With more than 35 years of experience in corporate finance, investment banking, and public accounting, Cliff brings to ACTS Freedom Farms...

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Greg Crossgrove

Crossgrove Consulting, Agriculture Industry

Greg brings to ACTS Freedom Farms extensive experience in all facets of farming and produce development, including growing, water management...

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Margaret Hampton

COO - Planning, International Marketing & Media Strategist, Cottrell Associates International, Inc.

Margaret brings an extensive background in senior executive management and consultancy for both large corporations and entrepreneurial...

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Dennis Thurman

COO, Thurman Engineering, Holistic Consulting & Sustainability, CEO, Plug & Play Tiny Homes & Buildings, LLC

Considering the overall focus by ACTS Freedom Farms on socially responsible practices and policies, we believe that Dennis will directly...

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Buddy Siebenlist

Principal - Siebenlist Architects, Inc. Master Planning, Design, Development, Construction

Buddy brings to ACTS FFA 25+ years of professional success in architecture, engineering, administration, construction, and real estate...

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Adam Mason

Agronomy Farm Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona

Adam Mason brings to ACTS Freedom Farms of America a level of credibility and experience that assures we will be on the cutting edge in...

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Steven Blake

Owner, Steven Blake Construction

When it comes to making the most of difficult construction properties, we know ACTS Freedom Farm can rely on the insight of Steven...

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Anthony D. Williams

Small Business Development Consultant, CMF Global Enterprises

Anthony currently serves as the Commander of Los Angeles Chapter, National Association of Black Veterans (NABVets). He has a BS Political...

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Michael Davidson

CEO, Climate Smart Agriculture

Michael Davidson is an internationally recognized expert in climate-smart agriculture (CSA) and global water management. There are few...

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John Hazlin

Managing Partner, Natural Products Expert

Classically trained in big budget consumer packaged goods environments. He has worked with major ad agencies and extensive resources...

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Bryan Franklin

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

Bryan is a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Technologist and Author. He attended Alain Leroy Locke High School in Watts and is an alumnus of Control...

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Larry Matthews

CEO, Southbridge Development Group

Larry Matthews is an entrepreneur, realtor and developer with more than twenty years in sales and marketing and another eighteen years...

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Marilyn Crenshaw

Founder and President, The Green & Blue Architect

Marilyn brings to ACTS Freedom Farms an extraordinary commitment to architectural principles and designs that are considered Green and Blue...

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Rodney Brown

Acquisitions, Asset Management at R.C.I. Partners LLC

Rodney Brown has been involved in Project New Life, a unique approach to housing our Homeless Via the rehabilitation of substandard...

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Dr. Melanie Cooper


Dr. Melanie L. Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Triumph Over Diabetes. She is indeed a mover and a shaker in the medical community...

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Tammy Ashley

Business Development Professional

Tammy has served on executive boards for numerous companies. Her experience includes over 25 years in managing sales and marketing as well as...

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Chris Coonan

President & Managing Principal Oculus Architecture Ltd.

Chris Coonan has more than 25 years experience in Architecture as a Designer, Studio Manager and Master Planner. He has held upper management...

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Bradie Speller

Capgemini, Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP)

Bradie Speller is an extremely accomplished Human Resources professional with a proven track record leading internal HR organizations...

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Tony Taverrite

Director of Sales, Professional Land Corporation

Tony Taverrite is Director of Sales and Marketing at Professional Land Corporation, one of the largest “land-bank” land owners in the high...

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