ACTS Freedom Farms of America is creating new paths and setting new standards for agricultural projects that meet regional food production needs and integrate a healthy environment and economic profitability through our master-planned agricultural environments. 

ACTS Freedom Farms of America works in tandem with individuals, non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, and when advantageous, with the local, state and/or federal government bodies to deliver affordable single-family and multi-family residences in various types of agricultural environments for the purpose of commercial crop production for all qualified individuals, with a primary focus on current members of the US Armed Forces and Veterans.

Live-Work Agriculture Communities

Are developed to create a hi-tech agricultural heritage with a modern small town feel. Commercial growing along with micro-farm operations provide income opportunities for residents within the community. The live, work, play, retire environment is designed to be self-sustaining and “off grid”, featuring retail and commercial businesses within the community. Freedom Complex community and recreational centers are planned for each live-work environment and serves as an educational and social venue for the benefit of community residents, as well as those from the surrounding area.

Live-Near Environments

Are similar to the live-work environment, and dependent on zoning specifications and area needs, many of the amenities and functions are the same with the exception that the participant residences are located “off-site”, yet near to commercial growing operations.

Public-Private Partnerships

Facilitate commercial growing opportunities through long-term public land leases.
Commercial growing operations will attract a labor force that is local to the region, and, in many cases will facilitate collaboration of non-profit groups and community service organizations to become intricately involved in presenting their specific expertise and interests to be of service to, and for the enjoyment of the general public.

University-College Campus Environments

Allows commercial growing operations, education, research and development opportunities, along with the potential to construct campus residences made possible through land development and agricultural projects on university/college owned property.

Satellite Commercial Growing Environments

Embrace commercial growing on privately owned and existing agricultural land supporting remote farmers. Infrastructure development, training, and support is made available to the individual local farmer.

Urban-Inner City Environments

Embrace re-purposing of urban infrastructure, buildings, and vacant land provides a new frontier for food production within a city. When appropriate, it can also include multi-purpose use of space available.

Mixed-Use Environments

Provide multiple significant revenue-producing land uses while fostering integration, density, and compatibility of land for agricultural purposes. Mixed-use is multiple functions within the same agricultural environment.
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