ACTS Freedom Farms of America controlled environment agriculture and specifically hydroponics is the backdrop for a comprehensive, hands-on training and mentoring program that teaches Veterans and their families how to commercially produce high-value, clean, safe, Non-GMO and pesticide free nutrient-rich produce utilizing advanced agricultural growing technologies and strategies.
ACTS Freedom Farms of America offers a model incubator program which works to train, assist, and equip veterans with the skills, tools, and professional mentoring needed to grow high density, naturally grown produce in a master-planned agricultural environment specifically for commercial growing operations.


ACTS Freedom Farms of America understands that the main principles of sustainable farming is crop and land management. Crop management includes general guides on disease, weed, pest, and nutrient & soil management information. Controlled environment agriculture, and specifically vertical hydroponics implemented by ACTS Freedom Farms of America makes the most of all available space and provides easier methods for well-managed growing media.
Well-managed growing media optimizes conditions for crop growth, and maintains appropriate nutrient and organic matter levels that together provide consistent and sustainable growing and productive crops. Using such techniques, ACTS Freedom Farms of America fresh produce is available year-round for local and regional consumption while avoiding many of the problems inherent in growing food crops in drought-and-disease-prone fields.

ACTS Freedom Farms of America controlled environment agriculture focuses on crops with fast turns and/or short growing periods, such as leafy greens, herbs, and others that are never being more than six weeks from harvest.
Greens also have consistent demand and typically bring good revenue. Other crops may include; beans, cucumbers, melons, peas, squash, tomatoes, and various types of berries. Root and tuber crops such as carrots, radishes, onions, etc. may be grown at lower tiers in vertical growing systems, thus utilizing space above the soil to allow for additional plants to be placed at the higher tiers.
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