Recognizing that many Veterans may have little or no experience in Controlled Environment Agriculture, especially with state-of-the-art practices that are incorporated in ACTS Freedom Farms of America operations, a staff of qualified and experienced managers and mentors through the AG Core will be onsite at each agricultural environment location to provide education and hands-on mentoring.

The AG Core is the managing business unit authorized to establish commercial growing and micro-farm operations and strategies, with complete control from seed through harvest and distribution. The AG Core purchases products and services for each master-planned agricultural environment, making large-scale purchases of fuel, seed, seedlings, fertilizers, and other supplies to achieve economies of scale, and gain brand awareness and market power. All supplies, equipment, machinery, and maintenance for commercial food production are provided by the AG Core. Military members, Veterans and or others provide the workforce for crop production and harvesting activities.

AG Core's function

Is to assemble, pack, process, and sell crops at optimum prices. The AG Core also provides other farming and harvesting services, as needed. The master-planned agricultural environment plays a vital role in connecting surrounding area residents to local food production via the AG Core.

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