Our Team

ACTS has assembled a stellar team made up of people with intelligence, great heart, creative skills and most of all experience in hydroponics, technology, manufacturing, construction and veteran services.  

Executive Team

R. Michael Buehler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer


The management team is led by Chief Executive Officer R. Michael Buehler who founded ACTS, incorporating the cause marketing concepts more than 20 years ago which led to the formation of ACTS Freedom Farms in 2015.  Michael is an accomplished senior executive responsible for concept development, long-term planning, administration and operational activities. His domestic and international marketing experience will rapidly advance the company's global footprint. As the son of a mid-western "sharecropper", he provides a first-hand prospective and understanding of land-ownership vs. tenant-farming practices, as well as the power and benefits of Co-Operative participation for securing lower costs with higher yields for all forms of farming. He has recognized the long term complicating factors surrounding mass corporate no-till farming, the impact of genetically altered seed, the deteriorating nutritional value of today’s food crops, and the lack of natural replenishment of soil nutrients by current cultivation practices which results in long term soil depletion. He is passionate about implementing advanced agricultural technologies to address the need for increased quantity and improved quality of food production to meet the demands of a growing world population. In November, 2016 Michael was the recipient of World Safe's 2016-2017 Visionary Award for his efforts to create master-planned, live-work, agricultural communities throughout the US, which specifically offer American Veterans opportunities to achieve home ownership and establish meaningful and sustainable careers as Agricultural Specialist, in ACTS Freedom Farms of America's high-tech agriculture.

Melody Buehler, Chief Content Officer

Melody is a uniquely skilled executive and marketing professional who understands the importance of content as a critical tool in the execution of a corporate strategy.  Blending her ability to express neutrality with her strong market sense she has consistently created content that resonated with the audience and demonstrated sound editorial judgment that drives results. Effectively operating behind the scenes, Melody has the ability to provide corporate leadership and independent business owners, across a broad spectrum of industries, with meticulously researched and authenticated content and resources to help drive their operation. She also has a keen understanding of the workings of grass roots charitable organizations and their unique marketing needs. Melody is a strong leader, articulate, precise and capable of shaping an organization’s direction using her many unique skills to provide corporate tools to drive success. She is quick to recognize a need, research options and design content and materials in appropriate response to particular marketing conditions.  Instrumental in researching, designing and forming the narrative content for ACTS Freedom Farms International, Melody built in a high level of consistency throughout the ACTS Freedom Farms development plan. The complexities of the ACTS Freedom Farms project allowed her to utilize her years of experience in business development, real estate, (she is a licensed real estate agent in the State of California), and her uncanny research skills and devotion to detail.  Her life-long commitment to humanitarian and faith-based causes, as well as her passion for helping under-served social groups here in the US and abroad, have found clear expression in the mission set forth by ACTS Freedom Farms.

Desmond Colleran, Senior Corporate Advisor

Desmond has a long history with ACTS and has been a part of the planning and development of ACTS Freedom Farms from the beginning. He blends a broad dimension of executive business management and international non-profit and charitable organizational experience. His role within ACTS Freedom Farms is to enhance the Company's sustainability in the areas of finances, strategic direction, and planning, as well as sales and marketing, analyzing all aspects of Company operations and present ongoing strategies for future success. 


Robert Flegal, Manufacturing Advisor 

Having worked his way through the ranks, Robert brings a rich background in manufacturing and operations in multiple industries.  He has over 25 years’ experience with 4 Companies serving in senior management roles, including, President, Vice-President, Operations, ownership, CEO, procurement manager, project management, and product development management, including modular home manufacturing.  He has a passion for being a “Visionary” and is a proponent of change management. He brings a solid vendor technician knowledge, and is skilled in being able to analyze a situation and create viable solutions utilizing available resources. Change does not scare him.  He possesses significant experienced in new product design, promotion, training, and marketing campaigns. His experience in negotiating especially for long-term procurement contracts with both customers and suppliers will help towards maximum cost savings and efficient use of time and resources.

Michael Vernor, Architectural Design and Structural Engineering

Michael is a graduate of Texas A&M University, with an educational background in Construction Science, Architectural Design, and Structural Engineering.  Michael brings a wealth of practical experience in the design, development, and build-out of properties which will be very applicable in the early planning and construction stages of the many ACTS Freedom Farm community developments.  His expertise covers large commercial as well as custom residential developments.  He partnered in the design and development of new products to meet emergency and third world housing needs.  In the role of COO of Green Concepts, he designed and developed housing properties for the Government of Mexico.  Michael also lead the development, design, engineering, and manufacturing of “Transportable Housing” which utilized a state of the art technology known as CerarMix, which is the primary building component expected to be utilized in building the homes and structures for the Freedom Farm communities.

Advisory Board Chairman  John Rosati, Advanced Technology Professional, Faust-Rosati Associates, LLC

John brings an enviable resume of senior level management experience and abilities in creating, launching and managing enormous and complex government and private projects, not just in the United States, but also internationally.  His laser-vision understanding of the ACT Freedom Farms corporate undertaking has already shaped our journey and will continue to challenge us to “think big” and to execute with precision. At TRW Electronics and Defense, he served concurrently as the Advanced Technology Manager for the Systems Development Division, and as the Director of Advanced Technology for the TRW Global Change Initiative, and led the research and development of advanced technology products.  He was also President / CEO of Applied Computer Technology, Inc. He is the Founder and Managing Director THR Associates.  John is a graduate of UCLA and has served on the UCLA Board of Trustees and Board of Councilors, UCLA Foundation, presented numerous studies, lectures, and taught courses on artificial intelligence among other cutting edge technologies, and was in leadership positions on a myriad of prestigious national and international Earth and Space Science Boards, Advisory Councils and Associations.  He is a Life Member of the Air Force Association and of the American Defense Preparedness Association. In addition, he is a Member of the Association of Old Crows; the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

 Advisory Board Vice-Chairman   Chuck Vollmer, Jobenomics Founder and President

Chuck is the author and founder of Jobenomics that deals with the economics of business and job creation.  He leads a national grassroots movement with a following of several million people and the support of numerous policy-makers and decision-leaders, that has a goal of creating 20 million net new US private sector jobs by 2020.  More than most, he appreciates the job creation potential and mission of ACTS Freedom Farms.  His connections to countless local and national leaders will directly benefit ACTS Freedom Farms as we reach into states, counties, and neighborhoods with our message and solutions to the many challenges being faced.  As Partner at Booz Allen & Hamilton, Mr. Vollmer organized and managed one of the largest US consortiums involved with industry privatization in the former Soviet Union.  These consortiums accomplished the largest privatization effort in history converting over 70% of state-owned industries to private enterprises.  He lectures on economic, industry and policy issues and opportunities related to job and business creation.  Mr. Vollmer has also lectured on the Mid-East, Islam, Arabs and cooperative engagement.  He is an Advisory Board member of the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, dedicated to conflict resolution.  Chuck will serve as ACTS liaison to Washington DC and the United Nations.

Being a veteran himself, he greatly appreciates what we can and will do for veterans, and he will be a valuable asset as we move forward.  He is already working with numerous mayors and community leaders across America on how to mass-produce small businesses in the emerging digital economy.  Mr. Vollmer regularly works with US Congress, Department of Defense and government officials.  He assisted leaders on force transformation, authoring the US Air Force’s VECTORS and Global Information Operations efforts, the National Guard’s VANGUARD campaign, and the Rapid Dominance and Shock & Awe concepts.  He also helps innovators and entrepreneurs establish small businesses.  Lt. Col (ret) Vollmer served 10 years’ active duty in the USAF and 13 years with the Air National Guard (Illinois, Missouri and Washington DC).  As a graduate of USAF Academy with a B.S. degree in Engineering Management and a Masters’ Degree in Education, Guidance and Counseling from Northern Arizona University.  He has a certificate in Business Administration and Management, General, from Sloan School of Management for Senior Executives at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

 Advisory Board Members

 Charles Kim, Founder and CEO of Webpublished.com

Charles Kim is the CEO and Founder of Webpublished.com, a company providing digital publishing infrastructures to various corporations, universities and publishing companies. His company and technology is currently being used by over 2,000 universities in Japan, China and Korea to provide the platform for online training.  He developed the online courses and established the student management systems to deliver the online service for the Korean Education Center Online School (KECOS) which was the first such course accredited by the University of California system.  Charles continues to provide guidance to ACTS Freedom Farms on strategies for projects targeted for Asia and USA.  Mr. Kim provides project design and management for all phases of ACTS Freedom Farms programs globally.  He co-founded and served as the Vice President of the World Trade Center University (WTCU), which serves more than 500,000 corporate members globally.  Mr. Kim majored in Psychology in Korea and holds a bachelor degree in computer science from Institution of Computer Technology.

Tony Erwin, Principle Systems Engineer

As a highly respected and successful Service Provider Principal Systems Engineer for Silicon Valley-based Brocade Communications, Tony Erwin has a 15-year history of exceeding multi-million-dollar sales targets. Brocade’s solutions are used in over 90 percent of Global 1000 data centers and the world’s largest service provider networks.

Tony’s insightful guidance on management systems, financing, marketing and technical matters will support the expected rapid expansion of business structures within ACTS FFI. His background in technical matters will be instrumental to the company as we set up scalable systems which will serve the start-up and future needs of the company.  Tony has a B.S. with Honors in Business Finance from the University of Phoenix. Active in Angel Investing in the Atlanta area, Tony has been a member of the Atlanta Technology Angels and Startup Lounge, both of whose members fund early stage companies. He has personally invested in early stage angel rounds in 4 technology companies providing security, mobile finance and e-commerce solutions plus a green energy gas-to-liquid company. He also served on the board for a publicly traded company for over 3 years.

Tony served almost ten years in the U.S. Navy submarine force and was on four deterrent patrols at sea on board the nuclear submarine USS James Madison SSBN 627. He also served on board the USS Hunley repairing and troubleshooting advanced electronics systems on board fast attack submarines out of Norfolk Virginia. His final tour in the Navy was at the Submarine Training Facility (SUBTRAFAC), also in Norfolk VA, where he taught and supervised all aspects of course curriculum management for the entire U.S. Navy, for a highly technical two-week training course covering both P.C. and Mainframe maintenance. During this tenure as a course instructor, SUBTRAFAC was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities, and Tony became certified by the U.S. Navy as a "Master Training Specialist".  He travels regularly for world mission projects, including trips to villages on the Amazon River and the inner city of Lima Peru plus the desert of Arica Chile, and remote areas of Haiti.

 Dr. T.R. Shantha, MD PhD, FACA

Dr. T.R. Shantha brings a profound scientific credibility and international reputation to immediately benefit ACTS Freedom Farms through his recent involvement in an energy saving method for which he has obtained a patent.  He has won numerous awards for his academic contributions and was one of the nominees for the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2007. Not only is he a man of science who has published on many medical and scientific topics, he is also a man of faith having written on various religious topics. In addition, he has more than 56 patent applications, many published and issued. Dr. Shantha has been a member of the faculty of Emory University School of Medicine, Medical College of Georgia, Grady Memorial Hospital, Georgia Baptist Hospital, and is presently a visiting professor at JJM Medical College. He has published more than 100 research articles in peer-reviewed reputable journals, including Nature (7 papers), Science, NEJM, J Urology, Anesthesia, Anatomy, Exp. Eye Research, American J of Physiology, etc.  His methods and treatments are now used all over the world as the first line of treatment in the emergency rooms and by urologists.

Matthew Hively,  CEO Radix AgroSystems, Inc.

Matthew brings an in-depth scientific understanding and practical experience in matters of agriculture. He is a project manager, a hydroponic systems designer and has built hydroponic systems. He will also serve as our expert in soil/nutrient/microbiology issues, plant research and field testing, among other things.

He understands sustainable agriculture, having a Certificate of Completion in the area of Hydroponics and Controlled Growing Environments embracing such topics as organic nutrient solutions and micro irrigation.  He has managed greenhouses and outdoor lots, had been responsible for all farms functions, including scheduling, and production, inventory oversight, project management, equipment maintenance, production schedules, plant monitoring and of course, harvesting.

He is the CEO and Founder of Radix AgroSystems which is an Ag-tech company conducting R&D in the area of agricultural technology. He is a “go to” consultant on a variety of crops, including leafy greens, herbs, medicinal plants, vine crops, and potted plants.  Matthew is a Marine Corps veteran of 9 years who served in Afghanistan and abroad. He began work in the military as a microwave radio technician for 4 years and as an intelligence specialist for 5 years. He also has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Theodore Sprink, Managing Director, Integrated Growth Strategies

Ted brings to ACTS Freedom Farms years of experience as a Business Strategist and Marketing Professional.  He believes that our nation, motivated by faith and empathy, is capable of providing solutions to housing, food shortages, energy consumption and care for our veterans through self-sustaining and supportive master-planned agricultural communities.

He has served start-ups and growth stage firms in diverse business categories and has established multiple-channel marketing campaigns utilizing direct sales, intermediaries, broker/agent networks, strategic partners, affinity groups, trade associations and social media/digital content strategies.  

He established 250 strategic alliances and agency relationships as direct and intermediary sales channels.  As a Fortune 500 senior Executive, he chaired Fortune 500 Fidelity National Financial's Environmental Strategies Task Force.  He served five years as a senior commercial real estate executive with Fortune 500 First American Corporation.  He has experience and expertise in renewable energy, served ten years in banking, nine years in 501(c)3 non-profit and two seasons as Marketing Director in the NFL. Ted has cultivated business relationships with the nation's leading banks, hedge funds, private equity, law firms institutional investors and real estate developers.

Cliff Lightfoot, Managing Director Capital Pros Network

With more than 35 years of experience in corporate finance, investment banking, and public accounting, Cliff brings to ACTS Freedom Farms a vast understanding of the world of corporate finance, economics, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. His extensive industry experience and knowledge of government agencies will be a great asset as he shares his expertise with ACTS Freedom Farms

Cliff received his B.S. degree in Public Administration, with a major in urban planning and minor in finance and real estate. He began his MBA at George Washington University, completing an MPA with specialty in statistics and business economics.  He is also a CPA. 

A member of a vibrant community known as the Half Century Trojans of University of Southern California that includes all USC alumni (e.g. bachelor's, master's, doctoral and professional degree alumni), Cliff continues to serve as a proactive caretaker of USC history and tradition with an enduring commitment to the University and upholding the Trojan legacy.

Greg Crossgrove, Crossgrove Consulting, Agriculture Industry

Greg brings to ACTS Freedom Farms extensive experience in all facets of farming and produce development, including growing, water management, harvesting, packing, cooling, and marketing of fresh conventional and organic vegetables. Specialization in arranging customized deals between growers and marketing groups to meet individual company needs through the formation of action plans for all phases of growing, harvesting, packing, cooling, and marketing.

Greg’s consulting skills and expertise are also evident in business plan development, financing arrangements, budget formulation, and cost analyses preparation. His knowledge and experience will assist ACTS Freedom Farms in preparing compliant and structured documentation to achieve Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and food safety programs for audit/ certification for such entities as USDA, Primus GFS or Global G.A.P. 

Margaret Hampton, COO - Planning, International Marketing & Media Strategist, Cottrell Associates International, Inc.

Margaret brings an extensive background in senior executive management and consultancy for both large corporations and entrepreneurial businesses in strategic planning, new market penetration, finance and marketing. Once offered the position as Senior Advisor to U.S. Comptroller of the Currency and a contender for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, she opted to stay in private sector consulting as an Educator and Advocate for her diverse clients. She is a best-selling author and contributing journalist for some online magazines and syndicated news services. She has also worked painstakingly on the Boards of numerous health charities, including the National Board of Directors of the Leukemia Society of America. Over the past decade, Margaret has focused primarily on international humanitarian efforts, parental care-giving, and informal ministry for widows and other hurting women, while studying and working with world-leading professionals in most areas of online marketing, social media, authority marketing and publishing to build trust and awareness, reaching communities and the world with messages of hope and help…and how to get their own messages heard. ACTS considers her to be a “Forensic Internet Specialist” capable of presenting the ACTS Freedom Farms Culture and Mission to the world. She is assisting us in shaping and articulation the ACTS Freedom Farms message as we prepare to expand throughout the United States as well as to the international scene where she is already familiar and well respected. Her international humanitarian message of hope takes on a new dimension of effectiveness with the solutions that ACTS Freedom Farms brings to her vast audience. An MBA graduate of Columbia University where she was an Alcoa Foundation Fellow, with studies in finance, capital markets, business strategy, economics, market research, operations research, econometric forecasting, real estate and commercial law, Margaret also studied French Civilization & Language at Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, Cours Superieur -L'Ecole de L'Ete. She holds a B.A. degree Summa Cum Laude in Languages from Florida State University where she is in the Hall of Fame, and has since been listed in over twelve Who's Who publications in addition to numerous other professional and service honors and recognitions.


Dennis Thurman, COO, Thurman Engineering, Holistic Consulting & Sustainability, CEO, Plug & Play Tiny Homes & Buildings, LLC

Considering the overall focus by ACTS Freedom Farms on socially responsible practices and policies, we believe that Dennis will directly impact the ACTS Freedom Farms footprint throughout our many projects.  Dennis bring decades of industry leadership and experience in all facets of Commercial Real Estate, energy conservation, due diligence, construction and building development, acquisition, disposition of buildings, engineering management and data center development/construction and operation.  Mr. Thurman served as the Sr. VP of Engineering and National Director of Energy Programs with Trans-western and became a national Industry Leader in the EPA’s Energy Star program.  His expertise includes energy management of all types of structures including office, industrial, medical office buildings, municipalities, universities, schools & hospitals, along with retail and residential.  His perspective will be critical throughout the many structural design undertakings ACTS Freedom Farms will be involved in.  Acknowledging that energy costs are the largest cost of doing business in the Controlled Environment Agriculture, ACTS Freedom Farms recognizes the importance of his talents and expertise. He continues to teach at all levels of High Performance Engineering, Sustainability, System Integration, Energy Management, LEED, ENERGY STAR, Green & Sustainable Building Construction Technologies, and several other Commercial Real Estate designations.  His passion for Energy Management, Sustainability & Engineering is presented through many magazines and seminar events.  His commitment to researching and understanding applicable technologies will ensure that ACTS Freedom Farms will remain on the leading edge regarding all construction matters.

Konny Light, General Counsel & VP of International Strategic Development, Advanced Global Partners

ACTS Freedom Farms will benefit by Konny’s international business and legal expertise and perspective.  Few people are as qualified as Konny Light to guide us through the complexities of international finance and compliance issues.  Her business and legal experience is extensive and expands four continents.  Konny has extensive business and legal experience.  She served as General Counsel and Acting COO for a group of US public bio-tech companies, developed joint ventures in Asia for an international construction firm, and was VP for Strategic Development for a European financial services firm.  She has prepared NATO contracts and negotiated and drafted licensing and distribution agreements in varying countries worldwide and advised American companies on strategies for international expansion.  Her expertise in problem solving ensures both a healthier work environment and an enhanced bottom line.  Her focus is on building businesses on legally strong principal rather than dealing with litigation issues to defend a company’s actions.  Over the years she has developed corporate strategies for in-house teams, as well as outside C-level executives, for corporate growth, strategic alliances, finance and acquisitions.  She has been able to combine technologies and businesses in unique ways to reduce the risks of doing business while increasing their profits.  Her expertise in the complex matters of compliance extends from the US to Europe, for both public and private companies, and covers such issues as U.S. Patriot Act, AML, labor, privacy, SEC, FDA, FCPA, BaFin, FINRA, BSA, SOX, Frank Dodd Act, PCI DSS, computer and anti-trust laws. We will certainly rely on her guidance to ensure that ACTS Freedom Farms is above reproach in all matters of compliance.  Konny has worked with many Nobel Laureates and has devoted significant volunteer time and effort to worthwhile humanitarian projects such as the Olympiad of the Mind, whose purpose was to bring the best minds in the world together on key issues to enhance the lives, scientific communication, and awareness of humanity.  She is a graduate of Emory University, with a B.A., Political Science & Psychology, and J.D., Business Law.  She also has a Post-Doctoral Certificate in International Commercial Transactions from Universität Salzburg.


Adam Mason, Agronomy Farm Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona

Adam Mason brings to ACTS Freedom Farms of America a level of credibility and experience that assures we will be on the cutting edge in matters of agricultural safety and production. He currently serves as Agronomy Farm Coordinator at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, CA. where he manages, amongst other responsibilities, the farming operations of all cropping and animal incorporated systems. Cal Poly serves as one of the most pre-eminent agricultural focused institutions in the USA.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from The Huntley College of Agriculture at Cal Poly, Pomona and an Associate degree from Citrus College, Glendora, CA. His many Achievements, Certifications and Scholarships reveal an understanding and dedication to the many aspects of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) challenges and opportunities we face in ACTS Freedom Farms of America.

Steven Blake, Owner, Steven Blake Construction


When it comes to making the most of difficult construction properties, we know ACTS Freedom Farms can rely on the insight of Steven Blake.  As a General Contractor, Steven has extensive experience in just about all aspects of construction.  He owns Stephen Blake Construction.  Over the years, he developed a specialization in the very complex use of structural concrete, hillside retaining walls, foundations, friction piles, caissons, trenching and drilling to secure virtually any landscape for project development.  He understands the operations of regulatory and safety bureaucracies and knows that a job done within all appropriate guidelines and with precision, will be secure, respected, and appreciated. Steven is a great man of faith and integrity, he trusts in his design ability and the excellent quality work his company is now well-known for, and he has taken on many projects that others considered practically impossible, and delivered successfully the objectives.  His work has been recently featured in Dwell, a prominent architecture and design magazine.


Anthony D. Williams, Small Business Development Consultant, CMF Global Enterprises


Anthony currently serves as the Commander of Los Angeles Chapter, National Association of Black Veterans (NABVets).  He has a BS Political Science from Winston Salem State University in Business Administration and a Masters’ in Business Administration, with Concentration Human Resources Management from National University He is also a Certified Acquisition Logistician.  He served for twenty years in the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, he now continues to serve Veterans.  Anthony brings a network of relationships from political to Veteran service NPOs that currently provide housing and rehabilitation for the Veterans in the SoCal markets.  He will serve as a liaison to a significant pool of veterans who can become our labor partners throughout the ACTS Freedom Farms projects.


Michael Davidson, CEO, Climate Smart Agriculture

Michael Davidson is an internationally recognizes expert in climate-smart agriculture (CSA) and global water management. There are few people with the years of practical experience as well as the educational and research knowledge such as he has. Michael is a Doctoral candidate in the field of Public Policy with an emphasis on irrigation efficiency as a tool of climate-smart agriculture in semi-arid regions. He is the "expert speaker" for the U.S. State Department and has represented the United States to the government in Uzbekistan and conducted training workshops on CSA. He received his technical training from the Ruppin Institute in Israel and has 20 years’ hands-on experience as a kibbutz farm and water manager. He has cultivated relationships and been heavily involved, over the years, with the world and other development banks as well as many international NGOs.  He has been awarded: the Pamela M. Mullin "Dream and Believe" award from Claremont Graduate University; Opportunity Soldier Award, Israel Defense Forces; and "Best Thesis" award, California State University, San Bernardino, California.  Michael will bring his expertise in high-tech agriculture systems to ACTS Freedom Farms which will not only enhance US operations, but provide insight into future international operations as well.


 John Hazlin, Managing Partner, Natural Products Expert

Classically trained in big budget consumer packaged goods environments. He has worked with major ad agencies and extensive resources in marketing research, promotion and package design. He is a natural products expert with extensive knowledge of the scientific support for super foods, herbs, nutraceuticals, phytonutrients and dietary supplements, He has a strong passion for healthy, science-based solutions that can make a real difference in peoples’ lives. John has extensive marketing and branding expertise that will directly benefit ACTS Freedom Farms from its earliest stages thru maturity. John managed a corporate $2B retail foods segment leading his company to a 30% share of the global market. His experience in marketing via the internet will also be a great asset to ACTS Freedom Farms from launch forward.  John is a graduate of Boston College where he received his AB in Economics. He earned an MBA at Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business.


Bryan Franklin, Virtual Chief Technology Officer

Bryan is a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Technologist and Author. He attended Alain Leroy Locke High School in Watts and is an alumnus of Control Data Institute. In management, as a Field Engineer with Trace Industries, he coordinated the work of their engineers worldwide. In addition, his expertise includes being a Capital Development strategist.  He is considered one of the World’s experts on the subject of testing of bare Printed Circuit Boards and was called upon by General Electric to support G.E.'s plastics division for eight years. He founded several companies, including an internet company, an advertising and shopping mall engine, called BAMway.net.  As Founder and Virtual Chief Technology Officer of BAMway.net, he is a global thinker. His well-rounded background will serve ACTS Freedom Farms as we explore creative and innovative ways to establish our brand and penetrate our targeted markets in the US and internationally.

Don WebberFounder, Harvest2U

Don Webber brings more than 30 years’ experience in both corporate and non-profit management, leadership and governance. He has extensive experience in municipal financing and in creating public-private partnerships across the country and will be a significant asset to ACTS Freedom Farms as our development strategy unfolds.  He has management experience in an Inc. 500 corporation. We anticipate that his sales and marketing, business development, CFO and Board Chair experience in national corporations and non-profit organizations will allow him to offer a solid business perspective to the ACTS Freedom Farms management team through the Board of Advisors. He is no stranger to rapid corporate growth and appreciates the inherent challenges. In recent years, Don has been working in the sustainable agriculture/healthy foods industry. This experience will also be a significant benefit to ACTS Freedom Farms as we reach out to local communities.

Larry Matthews, CEO, Southbridge Development Group

Larry Matthews is an entrepreneur, realtor and developer with more than twenty years in sales and marketing and another eighteen years in real estate and developments. He graduated from University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business.  As senior Vice President of his company, he helped grow the organization from a $5 million to a $205 million company during his tenure. As an agent and broker in residential and commercial real estate he accumulated years of experience, and this, combined with his expertise in business development and growth, will be of great benefit to ACTS Freedom Farms. Over his career, he has undertaken some major challenging and very successful real estate developments. He enjoys a great reputation in the Southeast and is considered among the elites of real estate developers throughout the region.

Marilyn Crenshaw, Founder and President, The Green & Blue Architect

Marilyn brings to ACTS Freedom Farms an extraordinary commitment to architectural principles and designs that are considered Green and Blue, LEED AP, Rainwater Catchment Systems AP, specializing in Integrated Water Resource Management, eco-developments, extreme green, and sustainable grid-optional commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential projects. A licensed architect in multiple states, she has designed 500+ buildings over the last decades and specializes in passive strategies for solar design enhanced with smart systems, low-impact and nontoxic materials, grid-optional, entitlement permits, feasibility studies, due diligence, net zero water and energy, creative artistic design, sacred geometry, and blue and green international developments.  Graduating from San Francisco Institute of Architecture and the Presidio Graduate school, she holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in the Field of Study Green. She is recognized as a leader in the introduction of State guidelines leading towards responsible use of natural resources and will provide valuable guidance to ACTS Freedom Farms as we move forward.

Rodney Brown, Acquisitions, Asset Management at R.C.I. Partners LLC

Rodney Brown has been involved in Project New Life, a unique approach to housing our Homeless Via the rehabilitation of substandard housing. These properties are blighted, effecting our society and environment with a demoralizing impact on our communities His mission has been to serve society by providing permanent housing for many of our city’s homeless, while strengthening the community.  He comes to ACTS Freedom Farms with years of experience in a broad range of real estate, including Multi-family, Commercial Retail, Mix-Use, Real Estate Acquisitions Portfolio management, On-Site Property management, Rehab/Resell opportunities, Short Sales, Wholesale deals & Joint Ventures, Solar PV and Weatherization projects. He is no stranger to the inner working of City and governmental regulatory issues. He brings a lifetime of passionate dedication to serving others and an appreciation of the mission of ACTS Freedom Farms in providing a sustainable lifestyle for veterans and others in need.

Dr. Melanie Cooper, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Dr. Melanie L. Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Triumph Over Diabetes. She is indeed a mover and a shaker in the medical community and is known as the no-nonsense doctor who is always willing to take risks to tackle tough problems. Early in her medical career she realized it was time to leave her Family Medical practice to tackle a tough problem. She embarked on a journey of research and action to eradicate and reverse the global epidemic of Diabetes. Completing her undergraduate education at the University of Maryland (BA Biology / Psychology) Dr. Cooper graduated from the University Tech De Santiago (UTESA), Esc De Med, Santo Domingo. She has extensive experience in research and as an Assistant Professor at Emory University School of Medicine and is recognized in the world of medical publications.  She comes to ACTS Freedom Farms with a passion and a strategy to bring healthy living and a sustainable lifestyle to the people of the Bahamas and can see transferring her dedication to the overall ACTS Mission.



Mark Frauman, President of HB Contracting, Inc.  

Almost thirty seven years as a licensed General Contractor has earned him a stellar reputation with a perfect 'zero complaint' record with the California State Licensing Board.(CSLB). His company, H.B. Contracting, Inc. has earned a reputation of delivering excellent work, both commercial and residential, within budget, on time and at reasonable prices by helping clients avoid the scourge of expensive change orders. He also brings experience as President of a real estate development company operating outside of California. At California State University-Northridge, he studied Political Science and Government and attended the Graduate School of Management, International Business at University of California, Irvine. His own faith journey now brings him to ACTS Freedom Farms understanding the significance and the worthwhile nature of our mission and seeing this as a way to serve. 

Tammy Ashley, Business Development Professional

Tammy has served on executive boards for numerous companies. Her experience includes over 25 years in managing sales and marketing as well as service organizations focused on major corporate accounts scattered throughout many states. She also has experience with the complexities of State and Federal Government contracts.  Possessing exceptional communications skills, she has a high success rate in opening doors and forming long term alliances.  Her focused approach has delivered growing revenues and increased earnings for many organizations and will help position ACTS Freedom Farms for new market opportunities. Her track record indicates her ability to identify the strengths and needs of a business. She is a visionary. ACTS will benefit by her ability to embrace an idea and create the marketing tools in order to sell the finished product efficiently. 

Chris Coonan, President & Managing Principal Oculus Architecture Ltd.

Chris Coonan has more than 25 years experience in Architecture as a Designer, Studio Manager and Master Planner. He has held upper management position within architectural firms and is currently Managing Principal / President at Oculus Architects.  He graduated with a Masters in Architecture from University of MinnesotaTwin Cities, and a BA in Architecture from University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He lived in China for seven years where he owns a chain of restaurants, which he self-developed, while working on large design projects. 

The list of his completed major international and domestic projects, both public and private, is not just impressive in its scope but also awe-inspiring in the beauty of the individual projects. His ability to consider local factors and incorporate the best of what he sees in to his designs convinces us that he will certainly deliver a level of sophistication to the architectural surroundings of the ACTS Freedom Farm communities and the Freedom Complexes.

Bradie Speller, Capgemini, Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP)

Bradie Speller is an extremely accomplished Human Resources professional with a proven track record leading internal HR organizations and consulting executive teams for multi-billion dollar global corporations.  With a B.A in Political Science (Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH) and a later M.A. in Organization Management (Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA) 

He is a bold decision maker who is passionate about people as the greatest asset of any organization and the key to outstanding customer experience. His achievements include leading and developing high caliber, peak performing teams that drive corporate strategies, productivity and profitability. He is a big picture thinker with a passion for bottom line results to be achieved by balancing human capital with business operational needs. His senior management experience in major rapid growth corporate settings, during massive growth periods, will serve ACTS Freedom Farms very well at launch and through its early years of expected rapid expansion.  

 Tony Taverrite, Director of Sales, Professional Land Corporation

Tony Taverrite is Director of Sales and Marketing at Professional Land Corporation, one of the largest “land-bank” land owners in the high growth regions of Southern California.  He is thoroughly knowledgeable in the real estate industry and has been engaged in educating and helping people plan for their future by acquiring prime land in the path of growth.

Tony studied Business Marketing at the University of Central Florida and brings his extensive training and recruiting experience to benefit ACTS Freedom Farms. He understands small land parcel residential sales as well as commercial and industrial zoning requirements. Tony is working with ACTS to develop a land acquisition strategy for its live-work master-planned agricultural communities in the Western U.S.

Buddy Siebenlist, Principal - Siebenlist Architects, Inc. Master Planning, Design, Development, Construction

Buddy brings to ACTS FFA 25+ years of professional success in architecture, engineering, administration, construction, and real estate development.

Experienced as Director of Facilities of a 22,000 member mega Church, K-12 School, Day Care, Restaurants, TV/Radio Media, etc., etc., has provided unique understanding about the operation and agenda of churches of all sizes and ministries. He has church projects of all types and sizes stretching from Miami to Albuquerque and beyond.  
His development background includes a variety of real estate ventures across Texas and other states. The Consortium Firm, Inc. was founded by Buddy and two partners to “Build Cities” with planned mixed-use developments, i.e., Thedford Crossing, a master planned community including commercial, medical, entertainment and residential developments totaling nearly 600 acres.  

He has the ability to “See the big picture” quickly and easily. A resolute problem-solver, Buddy has a reputation for bringing projects to fruition. The result has made the difference in numerous project starts versus budget deadlock.