The uniqueness of ACTS Freedom Farms of America TM is in the creation of both large commercial and micro-farm crop production within various master-planned agricultural environments such as 1) live-work agricultural community, 2) live-near environment, 3) public/private partnerships,  4) university/college campus educational and commercial food production center,  5) satellite commercial growing operations,  6) urban/inner-city commercial growing and multi-purpose environment, and 7) mixed use environments

To enhance commercial operations within these agricultural environments, ACTS Freedom Farms of America TM utilizes cooperative agreements, land-leaseback incentives and a unique workforce strategy designed to accommodate and support year-round and sustainable crop production and vested labor partner participation.

Helping Our Returning Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces Achieve the American Dream

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ACTS Freedom Farms of America 
TM  projects significantly contribute to improved opportunities for military members and Veterans to acquire a home and a job, and even own their own business at the same time in a master-planned agricultural environment in any metropolitan or rural region of the US. Projects weave together a complete collection of all the essential components of a safe, secure, financially prosperous, healthy and environmentally-friendly living opportunity. 

Our goal is to establish at least one ACTS Freedom Farm of America TM project in every state in America!  Based on the partnerships with land owners, corporate sponsors, the continuing need for comfortable homes, and creating new businesses opportunities, we believe we can achieve our goals and more.  

Please consider your participation in joining us to make this dream become a reality and a nationwide success.  For more information on how to become a Financial Partner, Alliance Partner and/or Collaborating Partner, please  Click Here