Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked of ACTS Freedom Farms of America.

How close is the nearest Veteran Medical facility to a master-planned agricultural environment?
Where possible, ACTS intends to place the Freedom Farms community within no more than an hour drive from a  Veteran’s hospital or treatment center.

What is the minimum level of mobility/fitness/physical capability needed to make a success of an agricultural employment opportunity?
Based on the home owner’s drive, desire, and capability, ACTS Freedom Farms of America 
TM  can tailor a program to fit within those boundaries.  Our objective is to provide a workable program, accessible living and work space and a supportive environment that assures the greatest opportunity for  the veteran's success as an Agricultural Specialist or business owner.  

What is the expected range of income for a physically capable veteran Agricultural Specialist? 
Conservatively, we anticipate that the earnings of an Agricultural Specialist could be in excess of $50,000 per year for their portion of crop yields. This number could increase as a direct result of the mix of crops grown for the entire  master-planned agricultural environment. 

What additional income opportunities are envisioned for veterans and their family members in a master-planned agricultural environment?
Each ACTS Freedom Complex associated with a master-planned agricultural environment will have positions available for employment, as well as volunteer opportunities.  The AG Core will hire workers for various positions part and full time.

What level of farming background/experience/is required of veterans to participate?
Absolutely none!  Everything we do at 
ACTS Freedom Farms of America TM  is “on the job training”.  Some experts are employed by the AG Core, or provided by university/college alliance partners. Trade school programs are integrated into the learning process to create a state of the art learning environment.  Additional educational courses will be made available through our strategic partners at no cost to Agricultural Specialist or ACTS Freedom Farms of America TM business owners. 

How can I learn more about Controlled Environment Agriculture and specifically hydroponics? 
Google and become immersed in it!  ACTS Freedom Farms of America 
TM  will constantly monitor the industry and test all systems and processes directly with the inventors.  ACTS Freedom Farms of America TM  will be the first such program that will allow for different processes to be studied and documented side by side in an R&D setting. The best of practices will quickly emerge. 

Hydroponic and micro-farming techniques are recognized as being scientifically sound. To what extent will a mathematics or science background be necessary in order to excel in this environment?
Basically none.  The AG Core staff handles all aspects of planning and managing the commercial growing operations.